Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Engagement: Alex and Heather

I'm sure these two are anxious to see a few of their photos, so Stephanie and I wanted to give them a little preview of what's to come!  There are many more great shots of you two so get excited!  


Monday, October 18, 2010

Senior: Sydney

This young lady, is quite the softball player, student, and I'd say just all around kid.  I so enjoyed getting to meet Sydney and her mom Friday night for her senior photos.  We had such a great time and by the end of the session Sydney was throwing out all sorts of poses.  It was pretty hilarious.  There is nothing more I love than shooting someone that is relaxed and having a blast while I capture some pictures of them.  It just makes my job so much easier!  

I think this might be my best shoot to date!  I am in love with pretty much every picture, so get ready because you are going to be scrolling through a lot of pictures of Miss Sydney. :)

Thanks again to Sydney and her mom for asking me to do these pictures.  I so enjoyed it!  


The one above and the one below might be my two favorites.  I like so many of them for different reasons.  :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just For Fun!

I did these pictures probably almost a month ago now, but have been keeping them in hiding from two special bridesmaids.  Well the wedding is over and I can now show these pictures off!  

I had the best time with these three ladies, and I'm pretty sure they had a great time as well!  I met up with them for a little "pre" bachelorette party photo shoot!  These three ladies go way back and have been friends since before High School, which not everyone can say.  One of them just got married so they thought this would be a perfect opportunity to play super models :)  

We did some BEAUTIFUL pictures of each of them alone and got a handful of photos of them together!  It was so much fun, they were constantly giggling and had a great time helping each other pick out their next outfit and which accessories looked the best with which outfit.  SO much fun!  I highly recommend you contacting me if you or a friend are getting married anytime soon.  I've got a ton of ideas I'd love to share and this was so much fun to do as a group.   Shoot, you or your friend don't even have to be getting married you can do this just because its Tuesday, or because the weather has been amazing!  :)

Check back soon for more pictures of each of these beautiful ladies! 


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Senior: Whitney, The Fall series :)

 Here is the lovely Whitney again, I told you all you'd be seeing more of her.  She is what I like to call "my start up girl." :)  She was the first person I shot, and things have been going great ever since.  So thank you again Whit!

Whitney wanted to do some pictures in Weston, and around the HS, so that's where we headed.  We got some fun shots of the Homecoming graffiti on the streets and some cute ones of this volleyball star.  I have to say my favorites are of her in the black outfit, super cute!  I really like the pictures we got from this session, they are super cute!