Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wedding: Mr. and Mrs. Shepard's Wedding

This beautiful couple got married, December 4th on a very cold, windy, yet sunny day!  I just wish the wind and temps would have cooperated for us so that we could have gotten some more pictures outside.  I watched the weather like a hawk the week prior to the wedding and things started out pretty good, high 52, then 46, then down to 34!!!! Yes, 34 degrees, and I think it felt like 25 with that blustery wind!   Alright, enough about the darn weather back to this beautiful couple.  :)

These two have two of the most beautiful little boys, one that I could not stop taking pictures of!  He is only 18 months old and not shy around the camera.  :)  

This was a super fun and laid back group to be around for the day, which made my day a whole lot easier.  The ladies all got ready at the church together so we got to get in on a little girl time before the ceremony.  After the I do's we got everyone together for some group pictures but just a few because let me tell you this group was ready to PARTY!  I can't wait to show you the reception pictures because everyone had a great time.  

Ok, here are all of my favorites pre-wedding and from the ceremony.  I am going to start working on the reception pictures after I get these posted!  Tishelle and Stan, there are plenty more for you viewing pleasure I just had to draw the line somewhere :)  Big thank you to the Crittendon and Shepard families, you all were so great to work with and an even bigger thank you to my sister in law Niki for helping me take pictures that day.  


The beautiful dress!
Getting her hair done.  One of Tishelle's bridesmaids was a professional hair stylist and makeup artist,
not a bad friend to have :)

This is the first time Tishelle's dad saw her, I love this moment between the two of them.  I also teared up.  
Adorable flower girl! 

Tishelle with her oldest son. What a sweetheart, huh?

A little touchup after seeing dad. 
She had the prettiest smile and the best facial expressions :)
Groom and Brother/Best Man

Its time!

Last minute hair check!  
Love his face here. 

ADORABLE!  This is the youngest son!  



Love Tishelle's smile here and Stan's smirk :). 

Mr. and Mrs. Shepard
The guys
The happy couple!  I have to say Stan gave me a lot of different faces throughout the day, pretty funny guy. 

I adore this picture.  
The guys again. 
I love this one as well, I wish little Stanton would have been in this one but he snuck off right after the ceremony. 
I don't think the ladies were crazy about my idea of going outside, so thank you for playing along! :)

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