Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birthday Party!

Our little girl turned two this weekend and I went a little over the top this year for her party and wanted to share some pictures of her party stuff.  If you ever need party invites and supplies made, just shoot me an email and we can discuss ideas and prices, sarafrenchphotography@gmail.com.  This was so much fun for me and can't wait for another party to plan!   


Here is the invitation I designed!

The next three are circles that I put on the tops of the cupcakes and the sticks for the cake pops.

The one below I attached to bags of "2" sugar cookies.   
The Sweets table! 
There was supposed to be an F at the end of MR, for M's initials but she carried it off. 

Cake Pops!  

Mini cupcakes!

Big cupcakes!

The Birthday Girl enjoying a cake pop!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Sara! This is wonderful! So cute and what a wonderful way to celebrate your sweet little blessing. Happy two to Maizie!